The clinical fellowship is to be known as “Fellowship in Advanced Robotic and Innovative Surgery (FARIS)“. The fellowship will be for a period of one year conducted through online and onsite curriculum. The onsite program will be conducted in various venues of choice by ARIS along with SRMC being one of the venues. The fellowship will be as per UGC guidelines and will be a recognised medical university degree from Sri Ramachandra University and affiliated to Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh with credit points.

The Scientific committee formulates the syllabus and curriculum. All those members and non- members including international surgeons who fulfil the guidelines and criteria laid down by the committee will be eligible to apply for the fellowship program. However, the candidate has to complete the ARIS membership formalities before applying for FARIS.

All certified “Center of Excellence” hospitals will be eligible to run the clinical fellowship mentorship program. The eligible candidate's application will be forwarded to the respective participating hospital after registration. The candidate is expected to read and follow the guidelines below and submit all required documents online before the end of the term. Successful fellows will be felicitated and ceremonially offered fellowship in the convocation during the following Annual ARIS congress after the fellowship board's clearance.

Typical Fellowship Journey

  • One year multi-access of 25 online lectures on essentials of robotic surgery and another 10 lectures on speciality robotic surgery starting in January
  • 12 monthly webinars with panel discussion on interesting topics, controversies and case series in robotic surgery from January till December.
  • Attending 3 day ARIS annual congress as the first part of the contact classes with 1 day didactic lectures and robotic platform test drives on pre-conference day followed by 2 day congress involving keynote, abstracts, panel discussions and live surgeries in February / March. Attendance for the event is mandatory.
  • Attend 2 day hands-on cadaver workshop as per choice of platform, speciality and dates from April to September. The candidate needs to apply after completion of contact classes / ARIS annual congress. The candidate will be taking OSCE assessment examination at the end of the course.
  • 9 month full time / part time clinical observation of 15 robotic surgeries including speciality surgeries in one / multiple COEs which starts after the ARIS annual congress. Choice of non- COE observation to complete the logbook based on approval by program director. Program director will be assessing the candidate based their clinical knowledge.
  • Attend FARIS conclave in September for the second part of contact classes with lectures, panel discussions, abstract presentations, and viva examination.
  • Submit the logbook and dissertation for assessment by deadline in December
  • Theory (MCQ) examination during the next ARIS annual congress in February / March.
  • The course fees include the registration charges for all the contact courses including 2 ARIS annual congress, Hands-on workshop and ARIS conclave. It doesn’t include accommodation and travel charges.

FARIS Algorithm

Important Dates

Particulars Date
Last date for application 31 Oct 2022
Commencement of the course 1 Nov 2022
Online Lectures 5 Jan 2023
Contact Course 18 - 22 Jan 2023
OSCE / MCQ Assessment 22 Jan 2023
Webinars 3rd Saturday Quarterly
Dissertation Title submission 31 Jan 2023
Clinical Obervership 01 March 2023 - 31 Dec 2023
Hands-on Cadaver Course 1 Sep 2023
Logbook Submission 31 Dec 2023
Dissertation Submission 31 Dec 2023
Final Examination 1 March 2024
FARIS Results 1 March 2024
ARIS Annual Congress 2,3 March 2024
Convocation 2 March 2024

Particulars Date
Last date for application 30 June 2023
Commencement of the course 1 July 2023
Online Lectures From 10 July 2023
Webinars 3rd Thursday every month starting 21 Sep 2023
Dissertation Title submission 31 Oct 2023
Contact Course 28, 29 Sep 2023
OSCE Assessment 29 Sep 2023
Hands-on Cadaver Course 30 Sep 2023
Clinical Obervership Starts 01 Nov 2023
ARIS Annual Congress 2,3 March 2024
Logbook Submission 30 June 2024
Dissertation Submission 30 June 2024
Final Examination 20 Sep 2024
FARIS Conclave 20,21 Sep 2024
FARIS Results 21 Sep 2024
Convocation 8 March 2025

Particulars Date
Last date for application 31st March 2024
Online Lectures (Recorded) From 4th March 2024
Introduction of the Course 1st March ARIS 2024 Annual Congress
Webinars (Live) 1st & 3rd Thursday every month (Annexure-2)
Dissertation Title submission 31st March 2024
FARIS Conclave (Contact Course) 4th,5th,6th July 2024
Clinical Obervership July to December 2024
Hands-on Cadaver Course July to Dec 2024 (Annexure-3)
OSCE Assessment At the End of Cadaver Course
Logbook Submission 31st Jan 2025
Dissertation Submission 31st Jan 2025
Final Examination During Day, ARIS 2025 Annual Congress
Results During ARIS 2025 Annual Congress
Convocation During ARIS 2025 Annual Congress