International Journal of Advanced Robotic and Innovative Surgery launched

11 th June 2023, Guwahati

Assam Governor Gulab Chandra Kataria released the first issue of the International Journal of Advanced Robotic and Innovative Surgery on Sunday in Guwahati. The journal is the official publication of the Association of Robotic and Innovative Surgeons (ARIS).

The launch ceremony was attended by distinguished individuals such as Dr. Ashok Puranik, the executive director of AIIMS, Guwahati, and Professor P K Iyer, the officiating director of IIT, Guwahati, Professor USN Murty, the director of National Institute of Pharmacological Education and Research and a galaxy of other dignitaries including many past presidents of the Assam Surgeons Association. Dr. Belal Bin Asaf, a robotic thoracic surgeon and sectional editor of the thoracic section, also attended the program. Overseas and many Indian editorial board members joined the event virtually that included Dr. Meenakshi Jain from the USA, Dr. Vivek Bindal, the Hon. Secretary, Dr. Arun Prasad, Dr. Rajesh Srivastava, Dr. Pradip Kumar, Dr. Selvasekar from U.K., Dr. Sudhir Rawal and many others.

Last year (2022), the First Robotic Surgeons Association of India and Southeast Asia and one of the few in the world was established in Guwahati in April, and within a year, nearly 80 surgeons here have been trained under the association. The association is affiliated with the Sri Ramachandra Institute of Health and Educational Research, Chennai.

While speaking on the occasion Gulab Chandra Kataria congratulated the editorial board for coming up with the first such journal on Robotics and expressed that no technique nor procedure is complete unless the work and its clinical outcome are published in peer- reviewed journals. He also expressed his desire for the technology to be made available to the masses. He appreciated Prof. Subhash Khanna, for his role to bridge the gap in evidence- based journaling and for encouraging healthcare professionals to publish this journal of international standards.

Later, Prof. Subhash Khanna, the Founding President of ARIS and Chief Editor of the Journal, in his address to the audience spoke about the challenges of establishing a robotic system in small towns and how access to this brilliant technology, for both clinical use and learning perspective, has been a challenge across the globe for last two decades.

He also spoke briefly on the birth of the Association of Robotic and Innovative Surgeons, the first independent Asian association dedicated to the development of Robotic Surgery, and how it is committed to continue pushing the boundaries of medical innovation ensuring that the surgical community receives the most advanced surgical model available including robust training and support system.

The journal's editorial board consists of robotic surgeons from around the world, and it will be an Open Access Journal. Starting next year, it will be released quarterly. Dr. Raj Palaniappan from Apollo Hospital, Chennai, who serves as the deputy editor, informed us that the journal will publish articles in various domains of robotics, including patent and web-based studies. It will also focus on applying science, technology, and innovation indicators to gain insights into research, innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystems at a country, regional, and sectoral level.

During the meeting, it was decided that the journal will encourage articles in contemporary areas such as open science, new tools, and techniques, novel approaches for information retrieval, metrics, and emerging forms of publication. The meeting was attended with a vote of thanks by Deputy Editor, Dr. Raj Palaniappan.