Robotic surgery emerged as a transformative medical innovation, blending robots with surgical techniques to revolutionize patient care. Initially developed to overcome limitations of traditional surgery, it gained momentum in the last two decades. by offering enhanced precision, dexterity, and visualization, enabling surgeons to perform complex procedures through keyhole incisions. Over time, robotic surgery has become increasingly widespread across various medical specialties. Its evolution continues with ongoing advancements in technology and surgical techniques, promising improved outcomes and expanded applications in healthcare.

Recognising the increasing need to consolidate the field and to promote awareness and continue educational research in the field of robotics, seven like minded robotic surgeons grouped together and decided to establish the society, “Association of Robotic and Innovative Surgeons” (ARIS), to facilitate the dispersal of this emerging field of surgical technology world over. Thus, ARIS was born in April 2022 as a body to look into the demand of surgeons of various specialities and to keep themselves abreast with the recent advances and to promote the growth and spread of newer disruptive technologies among the fellow colleagues. Later, ARIS was expanded to have zonal executive and invited members to support the cause of developing the technology.

ARIS as a professional organization is dedicated to advancing robotic surgery through education, research, and collaboration. It serves as a platform for surgeons, healthcare professionals, engineers, and researchers involved in the development, implementation, and utilization of robotic surgical technologies. The association fosters networking opportunities, facilitates knowledge exchange, and promotes best practices in robotic surgery. It advocates for patient safety, quality improvement, and innovation in the field. Through conferences, workshops, publications, and online resources, the association strives to enhance the understanding and application of robotic surgery techniques worldwide, ultimately aiming to improve patient outcomes and healthcare delivery.

Mission of ARIS:

The Association's mission is to help spread robotic techniques in all Robotic surgery related specialties and to undertake activities aimed to:

  • Aid surgeons in the process of training and mastery of robotic surgery in various fields of surgical specialities.
  • Promote academic and scientific activities in the field of robotics, surgical skills and new and innovative methods and protocols.
  • Encourage medical research in the field of Robotics surgical skills and new and innovative methods and protocols.
  • Organize continuing medical education, training programs, Seminars, Symposiums, meetings, and conferences, regarding Robotics.
  • Publish scientific papers, Journals, monographs and textbooks, aimed at upgrading knowledge and skill about robotics surgery.
  • Seek affiliation with International & National Association societies or similar bodies to achieve the objectives of the Association.
  • Collaborate with robotic and innovative technology companies for educational, research and development purposes.

Founding Members

Dr. Subhash Khanna

General Surgery, Guwahati


Dr. Vivek Bindal

General Surgery, New Delhi


Dr. Somasekhar SP

Surgical Gastroenterology, Bangalore


Dr. Avanish Saklani

Colorectal Surgery, Mumbai

Vice President (West)

Dr. Arun Prasad

General Surgery, New Delhi

Vice President (North)

Dr. Venkatesh Munikrishnan

Colorectal Surgery, Chennai

Vice President (South)

Dr. Jaydeep Palep

General Surgery, Mumbai